When it comes to effective real estate investing, one of the resounding names is Dean Graziosi. He is an American real estate investor, a TV personality, an entrepreneur, a businessman, an award-winning author, and a motivational Dean Graziosispeaker. What made him very famous was his long-running infomercial series on late night television. It started airing since 1999 and to date. In his late night TV show, he offers his real estate books directly to consumers. Throughout his career, he has written a total of five books and all of them dominated the real estate market.

Dean was born in Marlboro, New York. He came from a broken family. He was only three years old when his parents divorced. He was left under the care of his mother and grandmother. When he reached 13 years old, he moved in with his father. When Dean was growing up, he experienced many struggles and obstacles in life. He never went to college and had moved more than 20 times before the age of 19. When he reached his teenage years, he decided to buy, fix, and resell cars. It became successful, and so he decided to start his first real estate deal. He purchased a run-down apartment, renovated it, and sold it for a profit. That was the beginning of his real estate investing career, and the rest was history.

Investments and business ventures

It was in 1998 when Dean has written and produced the first infomercial. He sells a program that teaches ways on how to generate money buying and selling cars. He names it “Motor Millions.” It became a big hit and had helped many people all across the US. In 2002, Graziosi formed his company, which he named Dean Enterprises, LLC. His company specializes in creating and producing real estate information products and infomercials. He also created a free social community and real estate tool.

In 2003, Graziosi founded the Dean Graziosi Success Academy. It was a coaching program that teaches people the very detail of real estate investing. He teamed up with PMI to create and deliver a curriculum that aims to guide both novices and seasoned real estate investors. Three years later, the name was changed to “Success Academy.”

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